How To Choose The Best Vacuum In 2021

What is best vacuum for you? Before you buy a new vacuum, there are a lot of things to consider. Most of the people don’t know anything about vacuums these days. They just buy the first best vacuum they see in the store. Maybe it just looks good, and yes the salesmen said it’s good. But really, is it really good for you? You will spend quite some time of your life cleaning (unless you buy a robotic vacuum).

Vacuuming should be fun. This is crucial! Not staying ahead to the lint, grit and dust in your home sucks, like literally… It sucks! Therefore, it is really important to decide which vacuum works the best for you and in your area. A decent machine can run you a minimum of $150, you must approach the appliance section with a transparent head. Hopefully today, I can help you make a better decision for your next vacuum.

The 5 Different Vacuum Types

First of all, there are 5 different house vacuum types.I’m not here trying to sell you to a specific vacuum. I’m trying to help you make a better decision of buying the best vacuum for you and your area. Make sure you check and read everything about all the types. At the end of this page, you will have a better understanding about the vacuum world. Each has their pros and cons. Let’s check them out right now!

Upright Vacuums

The first type I want to talk about, are the Upright Vacuums. These are the traditional most common back-and-forth floor vacuums. In this age, these vacuums are (believe it or not) actually still the most powerful. They have the power to remove dirt out of anything and are perfect for deep-cleaning carpeting. The features on these vary a lot, but you have to decide if you want a model that collects dirt in a bin or bag. Unfortunately in 2021 there are still a lot of cheap upright vacuums on the market that don’t do their job well… So you better watch out which one you buy. You can check out my personal list of the best upright vacuums here.

Canister Vacuums

These vacuums are typically lighter than the traditional upright cleaners. The canister vacuum consists of a canister and a long wand attached to it that is used for vacuuming. They have a better sound insulation than the upright cleaner so they will definitely make less noise. They are also more practical and have better maneuverability. If your house has mostly bare floors, a combination of carpets and tiles or wood, then the canister vacuum is for you.

For overall use these canister vacuums have a big advantage over upright vacuums. The upright cleaner is best if your house has mostly surfaces of carpets and rugs. In the end it also depends on matter of personal preference. Maybe you like pushing an upright in front of you while not bending too much down (in case of backpain, the canister is a not for you). Or maybe you just like the great maneuverability of a canister?

Stick Vacuums

The Stick vacuum cleaners are slightly cheaper and smaller than upright vacuums. These are known for being so lightweight and take the least storage space (they don’t have a dust bag like the upright). However, they are also the ones that provide the least amount of suction power for use inside of a home. The stick vacuum performs half of what the upright vacuum can do. Upright cleaners have the double amount of power.

Stick vacuums, just like the canister are best to use on bare floors (tiles/wood) or light carpets. These are ideal for people who don’t have much storage space and are looking for something to carry comfortable around the house. Again people, it’s about personal preference.

Handheld Vacuums

These are the cleaners that you actually hold in your hand to vacuum (duh…). There are both corded and cordless handheld vacuum cleaners. Many times, they are used inside of cars but have multiple possibilities. Anyone can afford one of these handheld cleaners, because they are so cheap. They do an amazing job for somewhat everything! I could not imagine myself anymore without this… I actually use a robotic vacuum, but when my little robot cleaner can’t do it. The handheld will definitely fix my problem. You can check out the best handheld vacuums here.

Robotic Vacuums

Do you hate cleaning? Or do you just don’t have the time anymore?

Welcome to the future! These cordless machines do everything for you. Human effort is 100% forbidden here for cleaning. They check your room and zip around to sweep. You can program them with a simple interface so they can clean the house when you aren’t home. They even go under your furniture to make sure all the dirt is gone. They protect you from those microscopic intruders.

You can’t of course compare the power it has to that of a full-size machine but they do a job great. If you have a lot of obstacles however, it will not do the best job. Make sure you take all the toys of the ground, in order to fully function. Most of the robotic vacuums are also quite pricey if you want a good working one.

Always Check The Features

There are a lot of models in each type of vacuum and they all have a lot of different features. If you consider buying a vacuum, make sure to check the features. Make sure to choose something that fits right for you! If you like the upright and the canister and still don’t know what to buy. Go test them out in real stores, or check out the features of each type on online stores. Check out the user reviews on Amazon. What do other people say about the product?

Posture/Back Pain Considerations

Think about your health. If you are a person who has back pain, then a canister vacuum is not for you. You are better off with an upright or stick vacuum. The best option would be a robotic vacuum.

What About The Noise?

Vacuum cleaners can get loud. I get it. Some people find it annoying (your family members). Family members can get aggressive to you if you turn on your vacuum. Hell, my kid starts screaming if I take out my best vacuum cleaner. Even our dog… he runs to the door trying to get outside because he just can’t stand it. Keep in mind that vacuums will be louder in a room with echo. If you want something less noisy, cannister vacuums are a great option!

Do you want a Bagged or Bagless vacuum?

You might think that bagless vacuum are better because they might save you some money on bags. Well true they are cheaper, know though they require more filters that need cleaning or you have to replace them (if using HEPA filters). Filters also cost money!

Do you have a Pet or Child?

Beware if you are a pet owner. If you have a pet that loses a lot of hair, like a dog or a cat. I strongly suggest you to buy an upright or a canister vacuum. They will make you pick up the hair from your pet much easier, trust me. My neighbors have dogs and one day when their vacuum broke, they asked me which vacuum they should buy. I gave them my old rusty upright. They said it was the best vacuum cleaner they ever had for their pets. If you have children or pets, do not take a robotic vacuum. They can get stuck quite often because of the obstacles on the floor, specially the cheap ones!

Watch Online Stores

While it is not a bad idea to go to a store to try out some vacuum cleaners. If you have found the best vacuum cleaner, I suggest you to buy online from Amazon or any other online store you know that has discounts. Most of the time you find your best vacuum cheaper on Amazon. Discounts can get up 20% to 30% off. That is a big amount of money you save if you buy a $500 vacuum right? During holiday seasons you can get even better discounts.

Make It Fun!

Here is a tip If you hate vacuuming, cleaning or doing the dishes…

Put on your favorite music and don’t think about it! I love it when I am vacuuming nowadays. Why? Because It’s meditative for me. When I come home from work and I have to clean. I don’t see it as “more work”… I see it as meditation. It gives me peace as I don’t have to think about my everyday work problems. I don’t have to think about anything. I just clean, and so can you!

Conclusion: The Best Vacuum

I really hope I helped you with this article. I know that purchasing a vacuum can appear to be overwhelming and hard. Costs can climb rapidly, and there are literally a ton of different models available. Attempt to consider the kind of cleaning you do all the time. Have a pet that sheds a great deal? You may need a model that offers attachments for tidying and getting hair that is stuck under furniture. Do you just hate vacuuming, but still want a clean house? A robot vacuum might be the perfect solution. Want something like an upright but less heavy? Consider the stick vacuum.

It’s truly all about the job you need to get done. But don’t be overwhelmed okay, there’s a decent vacuum at every price level and if you think you require a costly one to get a clean floor, think again. It’s all about preference and making your life easier. Have a nice day and good luck with vacuuming!

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